WiC64 Online Flasher
(by the WiC64-Team)

This is an online flasher for your WiC64 module

This tool only works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera browser

  1. The CP210x driver must be installed on your PC. If not, go to: silabs.com
  2. !! Make sure that the WiC64 module is not plugged into the userport !!
  3. Connect the WiC64 module with a Micro USB cable to your PC
  4. Close all other applications on your PC to avoid errors
  5. Select the firmware from the list below and click "CONNECT"
  6. Select the serial port in new popup window over which the module communicates with your PC and click "Connect"
  7. In "Device Dashboard" select the top item "INSTALL ***"
  8. Confirm the following security question - The flash process starts
  9. Finally, set up the WiFi connection again and log in to the WiC64 portal
  10. Please check for newer firmware updates

  11. Thats it
! If you have problems with the flasher, please delete the browser cache !

Select your firmware version: